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Power quality measuring
 & analyzing service

Customer grid configurations are normally diversified and different from one another. Their loads are the same situation. Power quality depends mostly on load performance characteristics.

As a result it is necessary to make a survey, collect data and take concrete measurements for evaluating the operating power grids.

Bao Tan Co.,Ltd, the sole agent of ELSPEC technology in Viet Nam, is fully equipped with facilities and specialized softwares who is available to serve for taking measurements, analyzing the power quality of customer's power girds.

List of customers served

 PPQ306 Characteristics
  • Cycle-by-cycle RMS and harmonics analysis

  • Comprehensive data logging using patent-pending PQZIP technology

  • Complete network harmonics analysis to the 63rd harmonic

  • Voltage & current waveform analysis
    High power LCR meter

  • Neutral voltage and current

  • Feeder transformer analysis

  • User-defined Time-of-Use (TOU)

  • High visibility, 5” graphic LCD screen with backlight

  • User-friendly PC software

  • Supports virtually all types of current clamps


PowerIQ Measurement & Analysis Software.

This proprietary, easy-to-use software works in parallel with the PPQ-306, allowing the user to display all system measurement results in a Windows operating environment. All network parameters, including harmonics, can be recorded continually or for user-defined, pre-selected intervals. Recording time is limited only by the size of the computer's hard disk or other storage device (server, memory card, etc). Electrical events can be captured by associating trigger values to various network power parameters, such as low voltage or high current. The event recording will capture a user-selected before and after window of time. PowerIQ has intranet and internet support capabilities.

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