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    BLACKBOX is Power Quality Data Center.

Management, acquisition, analysis and display of electrical network parameters

  • Up to 1204 samples per cycle resolution
  • Continuous every cycle logging
  • All power quality parameters
  • Onboard memory for more than a year at high accuracy

It provides with accurate and adequate data for exploitation, precise root cause analysis and identifying the source of an event or potential failure. This helps determining the required corrective action

PQSCADA Power Quality

  • Advance Analysis
  • Different synchronized measuring points
  • Time Frame
  • Wide variety of power quality parameters

Large Scale Event

  • (66miles) from each other
    and 62km/54km from the original one

  • Voltage & Frequency look exactly the same

  • Current drops during the event


Two different events sources may be wrongly identified as same type

Solving at one transformer will not prevent the event (s) from reoccurring and is likely the wrong analysis


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