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Registration name : BAO TAN COMPANY LIMITED
Transaction name : BAO TAN Co.,Ltd
Foudaration : February, 22nd, 2001
Address : 724 HUONG LO 2 - W. Binh Tri Dong A - Binh Tan Dist. - Ho Chi Minh City
Telephone : 84.8.36200300
Fax : 84.8.37511448
Email :
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History of Bao Tan Co.,Ltd

2001 up to now : Bao Tan Company Limited - Consulting and designing electrical projects
- Power quality solutions
1992 : Bao Hong electrical company Repairing power distribution transformers, supplying power grid accessories and equipments, construction of medium voltage grids
1990 : Bao Hong electrical enterprise Repairing power distribution transformers and supply of power grids accessories
Since 1987 : Lam Son Electrical factory Repairing power distribution transformers

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