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Ông Nguyễn Văn Bảo - Giám Đốc Công Ty TNHH Bảo Tấn

- President of Bao Tan Co.,Ltd
- Director

After graduation from Polytechnical University of Ho Chi Minh City, Mr. NGUYEN VAN BAO has been assigned to work for Cho Quan Electrical Plant (HCMC) in the position as the Head of Shift Supervisors. With professional and administrative capacity during nascent growth just leaving university has quickly displayed a potential in himself in this charge, managing effectively networks of old machines under depletion.

In 1987 he left there to make a dream into reality as to doing something in contribution to homeland changes by force of his creativity. He has become a workshop manager in LAM SON Electric and Mechanic Joint Stock Enterprise (HCMC). By that time his prevailing product recognized as transformer, installed widespread in the city and provinces.

The techniques he applied has been able to provide good products in emergent demands for the industry. Afterwards, thanks to a definite market share and significant prestige in trading together with energetic changes in all economic sectors, he has established Bao Hong Electric and Mechanic Enterprise that has been converted to Bao Hong Electric Ltd. thereafter in the position of a director. His creativity and capacity was challenged higher, but his market share has confirmed a potential once more time. Although his company products met a violent competition, Bao Hong Electric Ltd. has maintained a stalwart stance during many years with many outstanding works.

With the existence of BAO TAN CO.LTD, he expects to serve the electrical industry in a larger scale but in line with reforms in management and commerce updated to the world, that he’s most concerned in the researches he made during periods to complete High Level Administration Program organized under cooperation between the University of Economics in HCMC with NAYANG University of Singapore. Well possessed with special relationships constructed for over 20 years and successive cooperation with a lot of foreign partners in many areas he together with BAO TAN CO.LTD certainly believe it be the effective partner to all investors in or out of the country, “Available to serve” in many projects serving the mutual benefits for counterparts inthe marketplace of today turning out drastically


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